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Translation and publishing

Project Title: Translation of Service of Annunciation of Mother of God

Orthodox Ecclesiastical Mission to China translated for needs of Church in China some texts in XIX Century. During period of Church oppression and time of "Cultural revolution" many of them were lost. Now we work on restoration and publishing of Church books for Orthodox Christians in China. Its publication shall enable people to celebrate Services of one of 12 major feasts in native language. It is essential for work of Orthodox Church among Chinese people. We have published several Orthodox books in Chinese, all liturgical books published in Hong Kong be our Publisher CHINA ORTHODOX PRESS. 

Currently we work on translation and editing of the Service of Annunciation of Mother of God.

The electronic version will be distributed free of charge, printed copies will be distributed on demand through 

Project timeline: The translation expect to be completed by January 1, the typesetting will be completed by January 15, the printing will be completed by February 15.

Project budget: translation and editing 5,000 RMB typesetting and publishing 1000 RMB. 
Total budget of project 6,000 RMB

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