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Current Projects

"Counsels from the Holy Mountain"

By request of the publishing house of the monastery of St. Anthony SAGOM Press the Orthodox Brotherhood of Apostles Saints Peter and Paul in Hong Kong begin a translation project of the spiritual heritage of Elder Ephraim of Arizona (Moraitis) (1928-2019), the founder of more than twenty Orthodox monasteries in North America.

'Counsels of the Holy Mountain'  will be the first step towards the implementation of this project and is a thematic selection of letters and conversations left after sixty years of his pastoral ministry. The life of Elder Ephraim was a constant and incessant prayer of the heart, and he directed all his activities to help people find this prayer and experience the experience of repentance and communion with God in the difficult conditions of modern reality. For this purpose, he conducted many conversations, tirelessly asked for God's support, nursed thousands of believers and undertook a missionary feat of apostolic proportions, which resulted in the revival of the hesychast tradition in many monasteries in Greece and its incredible flourishing in the United States. The cornerstone and main motive of all his undertakings was the Jesus Prayer and the spread of the heritage of the culture of "mental doing" in the nowadays society, which is poor by the grace of God.

The Elder's teaching on prayer, partly offered in this publication to the Chinese reader, is the essence of ascetic tradition of the Holy Mountain, an expression of the true experience of the path of purification, enlightenment and deification. He personally walked this path to the end, as evidenced by his countless miracles, and, to a greater extent, the fact that he led along this path many loving and obedient followers.

The first stage of the project will result in the translation of this book.
The deadline for the completion of the layout of the texts is late December 2021, 
Project budget 36,000 US dollars (translation, editing, layout of e-book).

We ask you to support this project. Upon completion of the fist stage of this project we plan to print paper version of the book.  

Monastery of St. Anthony the Great, Arizona, USA

You can support the project by offering donations here:

Please mark "ELDER JOSEPH" as an purpose of your donation.

1800 HKD

New Book Translation Project
"Orthodox Church and the Bible: Forty Questions" By Andrey Desnitsky

When a believer reads the Bible, various questions arise: Why are there different versions of the Bible? What is the canon of the Bible? Does the Bible contradict modern science? Is the Bible credible as a historical source? Russian scholar and specialist in Bible Studies Andrey Desnitsky's gives answers to this and other questions in his book "Orthodox Church and the Bible: Forty Questions". This book opens the mystical world of the Bible to readers. Now this book will be translated into Chinese.

This book shall be translated and published before the end of April 2021. The entire project budget includes translation, typesetting, proofreading and printing, etc., and is about HK $ 40,000.

We look forward to your generosity and support for this publishing program. For those who donate more than HK $ 200, we will send you a copy of this book and a thank you letter. May our Lord bless our efforts!


3000 HKD

12 Orthodox Feasts – Chinese Edition

   The China Orthodox Press is announcing the start of this project, which is aimed at making the worship on main Orthodox feasts accessible in Chinese, both in parishes where it is used for worship and for home prayers of Chinese laymen who are unable to attend the temple in holidays.

   Upon completion of the project we will publish online and print in hardcopies twelve notebooks (28-32 pages each) with Chinese text and liturgical instructions of Holidays worship. Chinese text will be based on translations of the Beijing Orthodox Mission of the 19th century, substantially edited and revised to the standard of the contemporary liturgical language.

   The deadline for the layout of texts is July 2021, the publication of signal copies is October 2021.

   The project budget is 12,000 US dollars (translation, editing, typesetting, layout and printing of signal copies). We ask you to support this project. In gratitude, we will be happy to give a full set of Chinese texts of the services of the Twelfth Holidays to everyone who supports us with a donation of $ 200 or more.