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Church Singing

Liturgical singing is an important part of church culture and an organic part of the Divine Service. Church singing sprang up along with the birth of the Christian Church itself when there were no specially trained singers and all who was in pray were a single whole choir. As time went on the musical part of the Divine Service grew increasingly complex; later, author’s canticles had appeared. Nowadays church singing (especially at a choir-place) requires additional liturgical education and good singing skills. 

Our parish gives regular classes in studying liturgical singing and its practice. We are ready to help you in learning liturgical singing and reading (psalmody), we give classes in solfeggio and piano classes.

Keeping alive the liturgical singing tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church in Hong Kong, at the same time we are working at the development of Chinese Orthodox liturgical singing tradition. We will bе glad to see our Chinese parishioners among our readers and singers.

Singing, reading and vocal training classes are given in our church as agreed with the choirmaster Svetlana Kremneva. You can take issues directly to her at the following address:


For two consecutive years now we have a children’s choir at our church. During their classes children learn to sing, to speak Russian properly; they take acting lessons and learn solfeggio.

During the academic year children are fully engaged in festive events, concerts, theatricals.

For children it’s possible to take individual piano classes.

Choir classes are conducted in two groups: junior class (4-6 years old) and senior class (7 +)


Saturday –

senior class 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

junior class 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

You can take all issues directly to Svetlana Kremneva at the following address: 

Chinese Orthodox Music Shelf


Liturgy Sheets (Chinese Metohia. St.Nicholas Church in Golutvino)