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Publishing and printing Sunday Octoechos in Chinese

The China Orthodox Press Publisher announces the start of this project, which is being undertaken to make Divine worship available in Chinese, both in the parishes where it is used during the service and for the home prayer of Chinese lay people who cannot attend the temple every Sunday.

The result of the project will be publishing and printing of eight volumes of Oktoechos (36 pages of each) with parallel English and Chinese text, liturgical instructions and a short appendix of Chinese vocal chanting. The basis of the Chinese text was the translation of the Beijing Mission of the XIX century, substantially edited and reduced to the contemporary standard of liturgical language. Text editing work is done on a voluntary basis.

The deadline for the completion of the text is March 2019, the publication of sample copies is April 2019.

The project budget is ¥ 12,000 (layout and printing of sample copies). Please support this project. As a sign of gratitude, we will be happy to give a printed copy of the Sunday Octoechos kit to everyone who supports us with a donation of $ 150.

You can support the project by transferring funds here

On the website we will post a weekly report on the amount of donations collected.