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New Book Translation Project
"Orthodox Church and the Bible: Forty Questions" By Andrey Desnitsky

When a believer reads the Bible, various questions arise: Why are there different versions of the Bible? What is the canon of the Bible? Does the Bible contradict modern science? Is the Bible credible as a historical source? Russian scholar and specialist in Bible Studies Andrey Desnitsky's gives answers to this and other questions in his book "Orthodox Church and the Bible: Forty Questions". This book opens the mystical world of the Bible to readers. Now this book will be translated into Chinese. 

This book shall be translated and published before the end of April 2021. The entire project budget includes translation, typesetting, proofreading and printing, etc., and is about HK $ 40,000. 

We look forward to your generosity and support for this publishing program. For those who donate more than HK $ 200, we will send you a copy of this book and a thank you letter. May our Lord bless our efforts!


3000 HKD