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Lecture by Prof. Zhang Bai Chun

Prof. Zhang Bai Chun delivered public lecture in St. Peter and Paul's Orthodox parish in Hong Kong

The leading scholar of China, key expert on Orthodox philosophy and Russian religious thought, professor of the Beijing Normal University, Mr. Zhang Bai Chun, on January 28 delivered a lecture "Spiritual Tradition in the Orthodox Church" by the invitation of the parish of the holy apostles Peter and Paul in Hong Kong. The issue of the correlation of the spiritual and cultural traditions in Russian culture, the practice of spiritual life in the Orthodox Church, the ascetic tradition of Orthodoxy, aroused in the lecture aroused deep interest of the audience.

The lecture on its end led to discussion, the main theme of which was the problem of the mechanism of succession of the spiritual tradition in an unfavorable environment. At the end of the lecture, Professor Zhang presented his latest translations of the works of Russian Orthodox philosophers and theologians.

Lecture by Prof. Zhang Bai Chun