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Book about Fr. Pallady (Kafarov)

Hong Kong publisher "China Orthodox Press" announced new edition, monograph by Russian scholar Mr. Andrew Kulikov "Life of archimandrite Pallady (Kafarov)". 2017 marks 200 years since the birth of Peter Kafarov (monastic name – Palladius) – member of the Twelfth (1840–1849) and head of the Thirteenth (1849–1859) and Fifteenth (1865–1878) Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Beijing. The presented monograph is the first in the Russian Sinology detailed life description of Archimandrite Palladius (Kafarov), his contribution to science and the Russian-Chinese relations. Work is provided with several applications, including a bibliography of a sinologist, his epistolary heritage, rare illustrations and photographs, as well as a detailed glossary of personalities. Book published in e-format on website of "China Orthodox Press"